Dec 28, 2013

Today I am giving away three paintings... here is the first :

To win this painting, answer these two questions: 

1. what is the name of the song playing in this video?

2. What is the name of the man with the flowy white scarf in this video?

Dec 27, 2013

I'm behind on my painting giveaways...but I plan on catching up! :-[) 

Today's painting that is up for grabs is this fella....

the question:

Name ONE of the movies these photos are from... 
if you can name both.... gosh you're good!!!  First person to answer correctly on my instagram wins! :-[)

Dec 19, 2013

This lil painting here is up for grabs.... 

how to score this.... answer these 3 questions: 

1. What is the name of the artist that did this painting?

2. what movie made this song popular?


3. Who said this quote:


Today's painting giveaway question is this: 

Name the movie that was filmed mostly in this building pictured below and has
this song [video underneath building pic] at the very end of the movie...
hint: I was about 9 or 10 when it came out...and it's one of my very favorite movies ever! 

First person to answer correctly on Instagram wins my buffalo portrait... 

Dec 14, 2013

Feeling "off " with my painting today.... those days happen though... :] 

Here she is, I imagine she's walking through a blizzard carrying warm baked potatoes that warm her body...

To win this painting, tell who the name of this group is pictured below,
 first person with the correct answer on my instagram wins... :) 

Dec 13, 2013

This is the December 13th point 2 giveaway - FOR AUSTRALIA instagramers ONLY!!! :-[) 

Here is the painting up for grabs! 
This one makes me want to blast some remixed jazz while cleaning house, you? 

First person to answer these three questions [all together] on my instagram wins! 

1. What is the last name of this family [pictured]
2. what art movement is this chair from?
3. In my blog post just before this one, in the kickstarter video, 
name at least one place that Adrien has designed for.

What's a great way to give back, especially this holiday season? Support hard working entrepreneurs on kickstarter! A friend of mine, Shawn Reddy [whom I went to school with at Parsons] recently told me of his boyfriend Adrien Dacquel's campaign to get his line of t-shirts off and running. With the help from me, you, and so many others.... we have the opportunity to literally help make a person's dream come true!  *oh, and...it's a tax right off as well. Woot Woot! :-[)

Here is one of Adrien's designs that is my favorite, 
this guy is a fantastic illustrator....hello! don't you want this tee or tote??!! 

jPlease help in supporting Adrien, if you're financially not able to make even the smallest donation, sharing his video will help just as well!Good luck Adrien, I hope you reach your goal. :)  - Best, Roxy Marj

view Adrien's Kickstarter page HERE

Today's giveaway if for EUROPE ONLY!!! Because of time differences around the world and wanting to give everyone everywhere a fair chance, I will break some of the giveaways up into continents!  :-) Later today, in about 7 hours I will do another painting giveaway for Australia.. :)

This painting is of my character "The Traveling Salesman by Day, Golddigger by Night" and the quote basically means that you appreciate things more when you work hard for them, the "warming twice" is about feeling good about yourself when you're working hard i.e. chopping wood and then feeling good again when you get to enjoy the rewards, like a fire or whatever it may be... :) At least this is what the quote means to me.  First person to answer all three questions correctly on my instagram wins! Good luck!

Please answer these three questions:

1. Who was this fireplace designed by? 
2. What school did this person study at?
3. Where is the person singing from? [see video]

Dec 12, 2013

Today's painting has a quote that I like a lot, and had pinned awhile ago on pinterest... 
I felt that today seemed like a good day to use it. :)  There a handful of people in my life that genuinely 
seem like they are happy all the time...and probably have the same issues [perhaps more] that you and I have, yet there is something different about them.... I guarantee it's their thoughts. ;-) 

To win this painting, please tell me what movie this odd looking creature is from...this is another tricky one!   First person with the correct answer on my Instagram wins.  If you have won a painting already, please allow 30 days to win something from me again. Gotta be fair here. :) Thanks so much for playing! 

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